3 Models of Denim That Replace Skinny Jeans This Season

3 Models of Denim That Replace Skinny Jeans This Season

No matter what the trends in the fashion world, jeans will always have a place. The reason, jeans are basic items that can be paired with anything for any style.

Skinny jeans are a must have model. However, it seems now you have to save your skinny jeans first in the corner of the closet. Lyst’s website predicts 3 jeans that will be the trend this season. Anything? Read the article to finish, yes!

Boyfriend jeans



Inspired by male jeans that are straight and tend to be loose, boyfriend jeans do give a little ‘masculine’ touch to your outfit! But, this boyfriend jeans will be comfortable to use all day because it gives enough space for your feet to move. Unlike skinny jeans that are directly attached to the skin. Already have boyfriend jeans in the closet?


Wide legged jeans




For those of you who like to appear edgy, this loose supper jeans is perfect! You can match wide legged jeans with a turtle neck, crop tee, or oversized sweater.

Low rise jeans




This jeans model has a very low waist line, which is below the navel and usually falls right on the hips. These jeans are suitable paired with all types of shoes and or tops. But to highlight your waist line, of course crop tee is the best choice!