4 Most Popular Games on the Play Store

The 4 Most Popular Games on the Play Store


So now we will see the list of 4 Most Popular Games on the Play Store. As Nowadays the game is becoming more and more popular with teens and adults. Even games on smartphones have begun to take shape.

The Play Store is one of the few Android app stores providing a wealth of free games. The Play Store also has popular game recommendations you can download. Here are some of the top popular games on the Play Store.

1. Free Fire Garage


free fire garage


This game created by Garena International is a favorite shooter survival game. Every 10 minutes, the game puts you on a deserted island where you face 49 other players, all in search of safety.

Players are free to choose their starting point with their parachutes, and aim to stay in the safe zone for as long as possible. Drive a vehicle to explore the vast map, hide in the ditch, or become invisible by hiding under the grass. Ambush, shoot, survive, there is only one purpose of survival.

2. Mobile Legends: Bang Bang


mobile legends


This Moonton game boasts several modes, including five-way combat modes, a classic 3-lane battle, as well as a state-to-state match.

In addition, the game also features favorite heroes and gamers can build the perfect team to defeat the opposing team. The game also features virtual joystick style controls on the left side of the screen and a skill button on the right.

It’s a pretty interesting game where gamers work together, launching strategies to destroy the opponent’s tower.

3. PUBG Mobile




The battle royale game is a game that many mobile gamers enjoy today. In this game genre, gamers must be able to survive to become number one.

Like PUBG, players will jump off planes and use parachutes in various locations. Players must survive in white or diamond zones and defeat opponents.

Then, the players who are out of the play zone will run out of blood and die, and then the play zone will shrink and make all the remaining players in the final circle fight to win the final and win the chicken dinner.

4. Tap Tap Music-Pop Songs


tap game


This game is a simple knock-on game. There are many rhythms of music every week, ranging from Pop, Anime, Classic, K-Pop, EDM, Rock, Trap, Hiphop, and more

The way to play it is when the video starts, tap the ball tile when it reaches the print area, then don’t miss the ball tile.