About Us

Hlearner is a online platform that provide the learning for the people for free. The people have to pay a lot for the courses in the daily life where they have to go to institutes for getting some sort of skills. So as the digital era has grown enough that anybody can get skills that they want or are interested in a specific field. So as we know the top rated courses are not free and mostly are costly.

Have u ever asked yourself:

Do I want 100% free courses?

Where I will get these courses?

How I will get these free courses with coupons?

So you are at the right place! You will get 100% free courses at one place. You don’t have to pay for any Udemy courses, you will get your desire course on one click. It is legal and truly helpful and easy to get. If you are thinking that why are you getting the courses for free? Then the answer for this is that when an instructor uploaded a course then he wants some subscribers at first to attract others so he/she give free coupons for the course and its one time enrollment and at the end of course u will be provided the genuine Udemy certificate officially so don’t worry about all this.

We also upload blogs on daily basis about the tech in trending or the tech that should be reviewed for the user that would be helpful for them. The tech is all about market related that will help people learn whether they are beginner or a professional.


Our main goal is to provide free education stuff to everyone at one place. The information that doesn’t generally come free. There’s a cost included, however not in all cases. There are free coupons out there that can empower you to radically diminish the expense of learning web-based expecting it isn’t as of now free. We believe that not only the skill the people so we upload latest tech blogs so that people will be well updated with the market.