Amazon Affiliate Earning 2019

Amazon Affiliate Earning 2019

What is amazon?

Amazon is the biggest industrial or marketing website which is basically used for online shopping. There are large number of online businesses on amazon. It is an American multinational technology based online company which holds a lot of business. Its main head quarter is in SEATTLE, WASHINGTON. It is introduced in 1994 by JEFF BOZ on 5 July. Its industry is based on cloud computing, E-commerce, Artificial intelligence, consumer electronics, digital distribution. Amazon earns 107 billion dollars per year. Its net income is 596 billion dollars. More than 13 lac people works in amazon. It is wold 7th biggest online selling web


Here the term cloud means internet or through internet so that cloud computing means computing based internet services. The use of software and hard ware to provide any service over internet or accessing device or internal files through internet.


  • Apple i-cloud (network storage)
  • Google app engine (application hosting)



E-commerce is a service through which we can buy or sell any product online 0r through internet. E-commerce means electronic- commerce. This is a business work site basically used for online shopping and selling different stuff. Transferring funds or data over internet is also include in this.  The business based transaction can be done by following ways.


  • Business to business
  • Business to consumer
  • Consumer to consumer
  • Consumer to business

Artificial intelligence:

Artificial intelligence is the branch of computer science which is used to develop and generate the intelligent machines. Which are used to work and think like a human being. It is also known as machine intelligence. The concept of artificial intelligence is used in 1956.

In 20 century artificial intelligence become very advance. It design robots and many computer machine which works replacement of humans.

There are three main types of artificial intelligence.

  • Artificial Narrow Intelligence.
  • Artificial general intelligence.
  • Artificial Super intelligence



Consumer electronics are those electrical electronics or devices or gadgets that we use on daily bases in school, colleges, universities and homes also. They are commonly used devices entertaining devices and home implies are include in it. Printer, projector, TV, LCD, play stations, ovens, washing machines all are consumers electronics.

From 20th century these consumer electronics are becoming digital electronics. These consumers device are going to connected with computer sciences and becoming more efficient. Now online markets and stores are also selling both types of electronics.

DIGITAL Distribution:

Digital distribution mean distribution among digital and non-digital devices or products. At any online or any market level there is distribution among different items and categories.

Amazon Affiliate Earning 2019

Affiliated Market:

Affiliated marketing is a technique in which affiliated links are used to sell a product. Mean we need a third parties afflicted link through which we sell a product and get commission through it. Almost all popular companies are using affiliated links to attract most of the traffic towards your websites and products.

How affiliated market will help you?

Affiliate market will bring a lot of audience or traffic towards your sides and products. In these days a lot of websites are driving free audience traffic every month from google and making them affiliated commission.

Who can learn affiliate market?

Anybody doesn’t need any kind of special degree or a qualification or either don’t not any kind of digital or technology base background all you need a 1 laptop or a personal computer (PC) and 1 internet connection.

The best part of affiliated marketing is that you are making money with in your comfort zone. You can work where ever u want and in any relax mode. There is no age group limits, no course or certificates are necessary, the only thing that all you need is will to earn money.

Amazon Affiliated Market Network:

There are thousands of affiliated networks in market level. Amazon associate is the one of the best and largest network of affiliated market level. And also very helpful for those who just take a start in affiliated market. The main thing is every experienced affiliated marketers is targeting in all markets.

Besides these reasons there are several other reasons that why anybody can join Once you are promote your Amazon affiliated link the cookies period is for 24 hours so that when any costumer ends up purchasing in the next 24 hours, you will be getting the commission for that.

The second point is that you will be earn money or commission for the entire cart.

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