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Cloud storage is so essential that today’s businesses are working through it. It is essential to find Best cloud storage for business that all the important data can be backed up on it and can be accessible around the globe wherever you are, at home or at office. So there are many free cloud storages that you can choose to store data. But the question arises that which to choose? Which one is friendly to our budget?

So which are the best cloud storage for business? We have made a list of top 10 cloud storages which we will discuss below


10. Tresorit




It is also famous for its syncing of data and the is synced automatically and make it safe with encryption.

Tresorit Also includes the encryption that make it secure and rank 10 in my rankings. I means that if it is hacked the client side data will not be lost. It will be revoked instantly by the user anytime.


Trial – the 14-days free trial

Small Business – costs $20/month, 1,000 GB encrypted storage/user and more

Business (10+ users) – costs $12/ month, 1,000 GB encrypted storage/user and more

Enterprise (100+ users) – costs $24/ month, Custom deployment, Personalized staff training, and more







Mega is #9 in our list which getting more and more popular for business due to its security feature and its free storage. It offers 50GB of free cloud storage.

While it don’t allow the feature of editing just like OneDrive and Dropbox. But they provides the best security as encryption. They claims that nobody can access the files except the owner and they also claims that even the MEGA team and management can’t see the data due to encryption.


Pro Lite – costs 5.68 /month 200 GB space

I – costs $11.37 /month 1 TB space

II – costs $22.76 /month 4 TB space

III – costs $34.14 /month 8 TB space



8. Sync




It is ranked #8 in my list that it is a replacement or alternate of dropbox. It’s  very famous in businesses around the globe, over 700,000 businesses use sync for them because It has the fastest sharing. It is ideal for small companies.

We can share the files to people who don’t have account on sync. It is helpful to communicate with your teammates by sharing the files safely

The user can also store the files in a vault that they are not using regularly so that they can use that data regularly.


Pro – costs $5 per user/month, 1 TB space, 20 GB upload size

Business Solo – costs $8/month, 2TB space, centralized billing, manage the passwords, more than one user admin control

Pro Advanced – costa $15/month, 10 TB space, advanced sharing, admin controls.



7. MediaFire




Mediafire is famous for its sharing of data and give a free storage of 10GB that can be extended to 50GB.

You can share the files to anyone or make it public. So someone who want to access the file don’t need to login to access the file. There is also a feature of file drop from which u can share the file and the person having the link of the file can access it. This is very helpful to organize data in a very safe place.


Basic – it’s Free, up to 50 GB of storage space, maximum upload size up to 20GB per file

Pro – costs $3.75/month, add more users, detailed security

Business – costs $40/month, protected files, no ds for downloads, direct link for files



6. OneDrive




#6 is the one of the best cloud storage free of all time worldwide. Its microsoft’s OneDrive, it is the ideal choice for users because its built in windows so you don’t need to upload data. The data is synced automatically from the device.

One Drive have a free storage of 5GB, which is not enough for a business and is not comfortable but freelancers and entrepreneurs can avail it. Apple users can also use it as an alternative of iCloud.



  • ( only Storage) – costs $60/year, 1 TB space, mobile apps and 15 GB upload limit etc
  • (Storage only) – costs $120 per user/year, unlimited storage, mobile apps and 15 GB file upload limit etc
  • (Office 365 + Storage) – costs $150/year, 1 TB cloud storage space, MS Office for the PC or the Mac, 15 GB file upload limit and other tools


5. iCloud




So the icloud is on #5 it is one of the best cloud storage free and is Apple’s iCloud.

Icloud sync the data form the devices you registered and it is available at Mac and windows pc and the sync is done automatically. So you can back up your important data easily in a cloud storage like photos, videos, etc. it also supports MS Office, iCalender and etc.


5 GB of free storage

50 GB of space in $0.99 /month

200 GB of space in $2.99/month

2 TB of space in $9.99 /month



4. Box




The #4 is the BOX which also very famous for it free cloud storage which is very useful to businesses, it also collaborates with MS Office and google docs so you can edit with BOX your documents.

As BOX allows the free storage of 10GB but it has a drawback that user can upload only 250MB file at a time which is not efficient for a business so it will create ambiguity in the files. So the user will upload files in folder within the upload limit which will cause more effort and time.


Starter – costs $5.80/ month, 100 GB space, the file size upload limit will be 2 GB, 3 to 10 people and many more

Business – costs $17.30/ month, unlimited storage, the file size upload limit will be 5 GB, 3 to unlimited users and many more

Business Plus – costs $28.70/month, unlimited storage, and the file size upload limit will be 5 GB, 3 To unlimited users and many more

Enterprise – unlimited storage, and the file size upload limit will be 5 GB, 3 to unlimited users, policy management and many more.



3. Google Drive




Google drive is the one of most popular best cloud storage free of all time, over 2.3B of the android devices are connected to the drive and people prefer it too. The google drive gives 15GB of free storage and can be increased to 10TB with an upgrade.

So it also have editing, sharing, text documents, presentations. It looks like MS Office and you don’t need to have a go anywhere because it provides all of that in one place.


Basic – costs $5/ month, 30 GB cloud storage space, Alert center, Video and Gmail, Messaging

Business – costs $10/month, unlimited cloud storage space and other advanced settings

Enterprise – costs $25/month, unlimited space, all of Google’s administration and security controls and more features



2. Dropbox




Dropbox is also the one of most famous cloud storage around the globe. So it gives a 2GB of initial data storage which is not enough there would be shortage of some storage. People with large files can have problem so they can choose a paid plan.

It provides to upload, sync and share data. It is simple and easy to use so that’s why it is an editor’s choice storage. Dropbox has a great speed in all the free cloud storages. It also provide like an awesome workplace


Plus – costs $9.99/ month (monthly), 1 TB space, 30-days tracking of history, email support

Professional –costs $19.99/ month (monthly), 2 TB space, 120-days tracking of history, customize analytics and branding, email support



1. pCloud




So the pCloud is on the #1 in our list because it’s the best cloud storage free 2019. It is the one of most trusted storages of world, the reason of trust is that it’s secure and have great security and encryption. So there is a challenge which were announced 6 months ago named pCloud crypto challenge to give hackers opportunity to hack there encryption and the winner will get $100,000. There are over 2860 participants who participated but none of them was successful.

If you want a free plan then you will be provided a 10GB storage and can provide up to 2TB storage in other plans.

You can find it online and is available on window Mac, android and ios. There are also plugins in chrome opera and firefox and also support Adobe Lightroom.


Standard Packages

Premium 500 GB – $3.99/month or $47.88/year. Lifetime costs $175

Premium Plus 2 TB – $7.99/month or $95.88/year. Lifetime costs $350

Family Packages

pCloud 2TB Family –costs $500, allow 5 users, have a good share policy, it provides 30 days deleted data history.



So if you are running a business and want a best cloud storage for business which is suitable and safe and affordable best online storage drive then you should choose pcloud due to its security and free plan of 10GB free cloud storage and Mega which allows 50GB free storage and end to end encrypted security.

It depends on your work what is suitable to you.


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