Special Ways to Wash Dark Color Jeans

Special Ways to Wash Dark Color Jeans

Some people argue that the faded or faded jeans, the more cool they look. But, not a few who feel the color of jeans should always be maintained for the sake of quality assurance when used, especially if the jeans are dark.

Jeans don’t need to be washed often, but even if they aren’t washed in the right way; can get damaged faster or change color.

Dark jeans should be washed specifically so they don’t fade quickly, here’s how:

1. Use cold water

See the washing recommendations contained in the jeans label. Generally it is recommended to wash jeans with cold water, because cold water can help maintain the fiber and minimize color fading. Conversely, warm water will make jeans easily damaged and faded.


2. The right detergent



Not all detergents are the same. Some have a special formula to keep the material soft, maintain the original color of clothing, and so forth. Well, to wash jeans in a dark color, it is important to choose detergents that are able to keep the color from whitening each time they are washed.

3. Washing machine mode

There are special modes for washing delicate fabrics, and this mode is best used for washing jeans with a washing machine. Soft washing can minimize shrinkage, so jeans aren’t easy to rub! Check more from Tokopedia