BTU/hour square foot: BTU/hft2
BTU/minute square foot: BTU/minft2
Calorie/second square centimeter: cal/scm2
Dyne/hour centimeter: dyn/hcm2
Erg/hour square millimeter: erg/hmm2
Foot pound/minute square foot: ft-pound/minft2
Gram calorie/hour square centimeter: gram-cal/hcm2
Horsepower (metric)/square foot: hp/ft2
Horsepower (UK)/square foot: hp/ft2
CHU/hour square foot: GHU/hft2
Joule/second square meter: j/sm2
Kilocalorie/hour square foot: kcal/hft2
Kilocalorie/hour square meter: kcal/(hM2
Kilowatt/square meter: kW/M2
Watt/square centimeter: W/M2
Watt/square inch: W/in2
Watt/square meter: W/M2


Q = mcΔT

Q is taken to be the heat energy put into a certain amount of a substance with mass m,
c is the specific heat of the substance, and
ΔT is the temperature change.